Meters are read and billed each month stating the amount due, consumption and delinquent date.

1.  Find the Meter

The meter is found outside near the street.  If you live in a trailer park please contact park management services for your meter location.

2. Read the Meter

The meter reads 81,710, which is the total number of gallons of water recorded since the meter was installed. Because our charge is based on units of 100 gallons, the meter reader discards the last two numbers.  So, this reading would actually be 817.

So, if by the time the we read your bills the next time you had used 1,200 gallons of water, the new reading would be 82,910 (81,710 plus 1,200). Again, we’d drop the last two numbers and your official reading would be 829. Your bill would be figured by subtracting the old number (817) from the new number (829). You would then be billed for 12 gallons.

If this is confusing please right down the entire meter reading and call the office for assistance.