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Our New Payment Portal is Here! Starting September 28, 2016 you will be required to create a new account using your Customer Account Number and PIN #. Please See your bill for PIN #

Loachapoka Water Authority has partnered with NexBillPay to extend an additional payment option for customers interested in using their check, debit card or credit card to pay their bill.
NexBillPay is a trusted third party automated payment service that allows you to pay your bill online.

Bill payments can be made at any time, 24/7/365.
You will need your customer number from your printed billing statement to complete your bill payment.
You may request your customer number by calling Loachapoka Water Authority.
NexBillPay charges a small service fee for each transaction.

How do I use this Service?

Customers will need the following to pay their bill:

Loachapoka Water Authority customer number (located on your billing statement).
The balance owed on your bill (also located on your billing statement).
Your payment method: check, debit card, or credit card.


What is the Service Fee?

NexBillPay charges a service fee to cover payment handling and all processing charges. Service fee will be calculated and disclosed prior to finishing payment.

Does Loachapoka Water Authority, Inc keep any part of the service fee?

Loachapoka Water Authority will NEVER keep any part of the NexBillPay service fee. NexBillPay is a separate entity providing a service for all the customers of Loachapoka Water Authority.

How do I get a payment receipt?

After your payment is approved, NexBillPay will email your payment receipt to the email address you provided during the payment process. You can also print your receipt after the transaction is complete.

To begin your quick and easy bill payment you must agree to the following:

If your account is in the disconnect process or disconnected, you MUST contact our office BEFORE you make a payment. Services will not automatically be restored or disconnection prevented if payment is made without contacting our office FIRST!  This ALSO applies to payments made the day before or the day of disconnection.

Loachapoka Water Authority: (334) 887-3329 Hours: M,T,W,T,F 7:00am to 3:00pm

IMPORTANT: Loachapoka Water Authority is not liable if you receive a disconnect notice and do not call our office before making payment. Your services may be disconnected and will be subject to a non-payment fee. If you are disconnected, your account balance plus a reconnection fee will need to be paid in FULL before services are reconnected. If you are currently disconnected and make an online payment, your utilities WILL NOT be reconnected unless you contact our office to inform us of the payment. Loachapoka Water Authority allows up to 48 hours after we receive payment to reconnect any services.
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